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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Adam Smith Project?

The Adam Smith Project is a new initiative intended to foster dialogue between industry, trade associations, and the governments that compose and implement regulations impacting global commerce. For further explanation, check out our What is the Adam Smith Project page.

Who is Adam Smith?

Many, including the team at the Adam Smith Project, consider Adam Smith to be the father of economics -- Responsible for compiling and articulating the concepts of gross domestic product, the market’s invisible hand, and the division of labor. His work laid the foundation of classical, sometimes referred to as liberal, economics -- the first school of economics. It helped build a body of work that contends markets work best when mostly left to regulate themselves. (Read more about Adam Smith...)

How do I gain access to content?

Access to full stories from Adam Smith Project is restricted to paid subscribers of American Shipper. Review subscription options. 

How do I modify my account?

To end of modify your subscription plan please contact the Adam Smith Project help desk with your inquiry.

How do I cancel my account?

Monthly and annual subscriptions are non-refundable during their current period. To stop recurring monthly or annual charges contact the Adam Smith Project help desk.

How can I connect with the editors?

We encourage you to reach out to Eric Johnson, Editor of the Adam Smith Project at ejohnson@shippers.com.

Where can I get additional help?

Please feel free to reach out to our staff at helpdesk@adamsmithproject.com or contact us on the phone at (904) 355-2601.